Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beggars Can't be Choosers, But Maybe They Should Begin

Our church made cookies last Friday night for one of the homeless shelters in the city. India really wanted to go but I had to work, so I promised her we would make some for them this week.
I love to bake, and I must confess I consider myself fairly competent in the kitchen, but good grief, sugar cookies may be my undoing.
They taste alright, if anyone will dare to try one.


Cherie said...

I'd try one - no hesitation!

Ann said...

Beautiful! Oh, the memories....some of my best. It just doesn't get much better than baking with children. Sugar cookies are in a class by themselves.

Aaron Stewart said...

Hot pink and yellow..... I love traditional Christmas colors! ;)

caroline said...

Oh do I know those days!! The sugar...everywhere... flour... dusting things in a 3 mile radius, the food coloring dying all my wooden spoons, "oh, don't wipe your hands on your pants..." sigh.
Just writing up my list of ingredients this morning to do it again.
Have to remember to breathe and stay calm... The memories, the memories.

Angela said...

sure, cherie. c'mon over.

ann, my sister and i joke that whenever we feel like inadequate mothers we just bake and all of a sudden everything feels good and wholesome. i love it.

aaron, there's no reasoning with a four year old, though purple was a close contender.

caroline, so we're doing the bake-a-thon at your place again? heh.

Cecily said...