Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In a Pickle or AKA Not False Modesty. Really.

I've got a bit of a problem here. It started niggling away at me a few months ago and has only now come into the light fully. I've got myself into the laughable position of sounding really noble/admirable on paper.
I'm a single mom(sob) who works nights to stay home with her daughter during the day. I live with my mom so that we can support each other in raising my daughter and her...three high needs foster kids because my dear dad has "issues". Also, I work at a group home with five boys who have been violently abused both mentally and physically and I go to school at night and write in the cracks of free time that I have so that I can "keep the dream alive".
Ah... How did my life end up sounding like some made for t.v movie that no one would really believe? I am not that girl. And, in the off chance that any of you might think I am that girl I am supplying you with a list of my blog-confessable faults to right that wrong. There are still some I really shouldn't post.
Angela's Issues
(In no particular order)
1. I don't like sharing dessert.
2. I think about myself more than anyone else.
3. I get excited about volunteering for things and then rarely follow through.
4. I pout when I don't get my way.
5. I get annoyed when other people are late even though I am always late.
6. I know shit all about politics. It bores me to death.
7. I swear unnecessarily.
8. I can't spell worth beans.
9. I get offended too easily.
10. I'm bossy.
12. I'm soooooooo impatient. Really.
13. I'm snobby about books and coffee even though I have enjoyed "bad" versions of both.
14. I require ridiculous amounts of encouragement.
15. I steal all the hot water in the morning and only feel guilty enough to convince myself I'm a nice person.
16. I'm not a very thoughtful friend.
17. I am easily confused.
18. I pick fights when I'm unhappy.
19. I have no patience with bad service.

Alright. So maybe it's harder than I thought to confess the really bad ones. But there. It's a start. Just trust me that there are much worse ones. Or ask my family. They'll fill you in real good like.


Mike S said...

Geez Angela!! What a bummer, you're just like the rest of us after all. hehehe Never appologize for being who God made you, as we love ya just as you are:)

DeadMansHonda said...

Love it. You're brilliant, Angela. Just brilliant. ;)

christy said...

I like that you don't try to sound like a saint-- you share the beauty and the mess with us. Basically, you're part of the human race like the rest of us! Thank you.

Sandy's Notes said...

Is there anything else? I think I've got most of those faults/talents but since you claimed them so well, I will just skip over all of mine.

You should put single mother on your resume, it means towers of strength to employers.

You are one special mommy!

Cherie said...

Well, I'm just shocked, Angela. Guess I'll have to take you off the pedestal and let you stand down here with the rest of us. ; )

Seriously, was it cathartic putting it out there for all the world to see?

We really are a funny bunch of creatures - so similar in good aspects and bad. I'm glad you have your family, and your work, and your writing, and even your bad behavior. A girl needs something to work on after all. ; )

Ann said...

Hmmm...some (many?) of your issues are also my issues. Isn't that, like, just too cool?

Angela said...

mike, you're kind of a nice fella, hey?

miss l.m! i'm so glad you're back!

christy, you're welcome.

sandy, and i thought single mom was code for, "always ready for a nap."

cherie, seriously? mmmmm... it freaks me out if people start thinking i'm good at something, almost as much as people knowing my faults. i actually find myself using a simplified vocabulary around "smart" people because I don't want them thinking i'm trying to be one of them.
pretense scares the crap out of me.

Angela said...

ann, sooooo coooool. almost as cool as you commenting on my blog way over in texas the same time i'm commenting on it way over in canada! hey, happy thanksgiving my american friend!

Cecily said...

Don't you love blogs though - you only have to hang out the dirty washing that you want to. If you want to sound perfect you can. If you want to show the real you... you can! But don't most people read between the lines anyway. What we don't say is almost as telling as what we do?

Besides... you still sound noble/admirable on paper no matter what you say. :)

Deanna said...

I doubt you can escape your way with words, same as you can't escape those/other faults. The important question in each case is, do you wish you could?

Angela said...

ha! thanks cecily.
i realized a while ago that i've got this weird unwritten contract with myself to not try and look better than i am when i write. it's such a boss, that contract, always telling me what to do. sheesh.

Angela said...

deanna, escape my faults? heck ya!
i think.
i gotta think about that more.

the hamster said...

i really loved it when you said that you know "shit all about politics." lovely.

i'm addicted to this website!