Saturday, November 3, 2007

Is That Easier to Read?


Mike S said...

That is a tad easier to pick out on my screen. Super little gal ya got there. Sometimes I think little gifts like her are sent to where they're needed most. She sure was a God-send to you from what I see:)

Deanna said...

YES!!! This I can see! Oh, Angela, you don't have to take away beauty for me, though. If you want to put the cinnamon back, it's fine (and I'll likely get another monitor sometime). But for this morning, my eyes are lovin' this.

Joel said...

Hey Angela,

I enjoyed your post about India at L'abri. And I'm glad you got to return there--I miss it.

I'm at home now, school didn't work out. Looking for a new path.

take care,


ps. i left you a story in your last post

Cecily said...

yes, it is easier to read... and it's almost as lovely and warm and welcoming!

Anonymous said...

hey mike! glad to hear from you again. yup. all god.


cecily, you're so nice. i didn't even know it was hard to read for you, too.
hey, i started an essay partially because of that post you wrote about australian idol and your small life. sheesh, i love your blog.

joel, what! what? no school? what happened? please email me (unless it's the last thing you want to think about.)
i thought of you when i was at l'abri. i kinda love that we didn't get to know each other much until we left - it makes the (semi) connections i make with people more meaningful. kind of embryonic, hey? thanks for that.

YOU, take care.
my university has a fantastic writing programme. you know. just sayin'.

Angela said...

ohhhhhhh. seriously. why am i such a flake?
that anonymous comment is (obviously) me.

Cecily said...

You love my blog? But... you are the master word craftswoman... how can this be!?! Thanks. I'm tickled pink.

And I could read your blog fine before with the brown background, but this makes it much, much easier. :)