Friday, November 30, 2007

Letter Home

I would take your face in my palms, dear kid, and I would tell you to relax because there's no good to come of worrying, because yes, our lives are on fire, but see, they always have been, I'm just not fool enough to tell you to grab hold and enjoy the ride. Sometimes we get sick.

(He said to me, smiled with a sigh and said, "We only imagine we understand the rules when they are working for us." I will bless him forever for that.)

And also, and selfishly, I would say,
"Look. I'm homesick for you. All homeless. Because everything is still packed away in boxes, stacked and labelled:
living room,

It's snowing.
Wish you were here.


Mike S said...

Unlike Cecily, I've yet to find a card suitable to send. If I don't locate one soon I'll send a short note and a 'smiley face'. Hug India from us, she's adorable:)
p.s...spitting snow here and 14F\-10C with 20mph\32kph wind scattering it all over:):)

Deanna said...

This squeezes my emotions. In a good, sad way.

Angela said...

ahhh, mike. it's sorta good to feel winter, hey?

deanna, it squeezed me the same way writing it.