Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's easy. Just put your lips together.


or this.


the hamster said...

random. nice tat.

Cherie said...

Adorable! Camera works great.

You're so cute - and you crack me up.

Thanks for somethin' different today, a nice surprise in blogland.

(I'll be whistling this all day, driving my family nuts - yet another perk. Bwahahaha!)

Janna Y. Barber said...

i'm gonna have to add you to my links now. what commercial have i heard that song on?

Deanna said...

Yes, you're cute. Nice party hats in the video.

Angela said...

hamster, random silliness is one of my favourite things. and brown paper packages tide up with string.

cherie, i don't know how download still shots yet. sheesh. i'm gonna have to read the directions. i hate reading directions.

um, i dunno. i don't have a t.v. i'm cool like that.

no, no, you're cute.

the hamster said...

"i don't have a t.v. i'm cool like that."

ha! love it!

Sandy's Notes said...

You are too cute. Especially because you can upload videos and not pictures. Like Cherie "you crack me up."

Mike S said...

A great clip. Nothing like a pretty girl and catchy tune to set me in a good mood. Listened and watched last night, but guess my comment got sent into cyberspace.
I shared your essay with a few friends and they all loved the style and the content:)

Myles said...

what's the story of the tat?

Mike S said...

Oh yeah! Nice tatoo too:)

Janna Y. Barber said...

how come no one says tattoo anymore? i have a friend who always says "so and so was all tatted up" instead of "so and so had lots of tattoos;" it really drives me crazy. guess i'm not cool like that, and i do have a tv.

Mike S said...

And why so little random silliness? The world could use a bit of lightening up these days:)

Kimberly said...

Finally! I kept checking your post at work, which of course was just a blank square b/c I can't view video at work! But if I could, I would be humming this tune all day. Humming, not whistling. I can't whistle. Never Could. Unless you count the ear-piercing-stick-your-fingers-in-your-mouth-hail-a-cab-in-the-Big-Apple kinda whistling, that I can do. Oh, and I own a television... a small one. Why doesn't anyone say television anymore? Everyone's always like "So, I was watching t.v. the other day...". It really drives me crazy!

Deanna said...

No, no, no, you're cute. Thanks for the amazing essay. I'll comment to you more about it someday.

Cecily said...

Hey... you are TOTALLY gorgeous! (Loved the carseat... or whatever you call it in Canada... in the background too) I would be far to shy to post something like that. And ditto to 'you can download and post a video but not a photo?!'... don't you just stick the lead into the camera and the computer and it does it all itself?! That's what mine did anyway.

Thankyou for a lovely post. :D

Angela said...

thanks, mike. you're so encouraging.

really, taking a video was easy-peasy. i will never pretend to be a whiz with technology, mostly because they don't respond well to feelings.

myles, mostly, i'm ridiculously forgetful and god is ridiculously good, so i burnt it on my arm to help me remember. that's the short story. my essay is a 17 page longer version.

janna, come in close. i think i might buy a t.v soon, but only so that i can watch the foreign video section on a big screen. in this way, i will remain cool and entertained. it's easy, baby. just don't shop at wal-mart.

mike, i'm a little drunbk right now. that's random silliness if ever i saw any.

why doesn't anyone call you kim is what i'd like to know.

agh deanna! you can comment on it when i comment on yours - or maybe two months after and then i wont feel so awful.

no! you don't just plug it in. you're a brat. lucky for you i like brats.

the hamster said...

myles - what are you doing here?!

Kimberly said...

No, no, Hamster... I first found Angela through Myles... somehow...

May the circle be unbroken.