Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter dies the same way every spring

I jest stepped outside to grab the paper and it was so warm that I sat on the steps for a moment for the first time in five months. The birds, oh, the birds! And the smell of frozen things beginning to bend, and the size of my world increasing. Oh! Soon, in a month or so, there will be more than just a house sized space to live in.
Glory, glory.


Aaron Stewart said...

Unlike the death of summer I do not mourn the passing of winter. Die you gloomy rainy depressing old man!

Cherie said...

Glory glory is right!

Mike S said...

And what's wrong with winter?? Heck, we still got the rest of Feb, all of Mar, and at least 1/2 of Apr to go here. Snow still in our woods here into June most years in places. Farther south by far, but very wintry thanks to arctic currents. I LOVE the white world on a sunny day anyway!!

Pepe Guzman said...
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the hamster said...

(i accidentally posted a comment as my friend pepe cause i'm at his house. i'm reposting as a rodent.)

today was the first day i left the house without my jacket. it weren't exactly toasty in the republic here, but i didn't need a jacket. the first day without a jacket always feels like the first full meal after a long, painful stomach flu.

Cecily said...

How do you do it? Even in short little paragraphs about normal every day life things... your writing is dreamy. Ah. I come and drink at the well of your pen ink. (Was that a little bit dreamy too? :D)

Angela said...

aaron, i don't think i mourn the passing of any season. i get all antsy.

cherie, wahahahahoooo!

mike, now don't you go gettin' all more winter-y than thou. it's not uncommon to have snowstorms that will close highways in may, here. i'm just giddy. spring wrecker.

dear pepe/hamster,
i feel as though i should write something witty about vomiting on the daffodils, but am drawing a blank as this is unfamiliar territory to me.

dreamy like images of you with ink all over your face! have i told you lately how much i like you, cecily? i like you. can we be friends?

Cecily said...

Wahoo! We're friends! :D Right-e-o then. When can we do coffee?