Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Culinary Triptych: Part Three

Part One

Part Two


Aaron Stewart said...

I give up what is it? Eggs and batter? :)

Cherie said...

Who took this photo of you? Self portrait? It's fantastic! I would so love to have a large version of it to frame and hang on my kitchen or dining room or family room or living room wall. The colors. The whimsy. Piece of art!

I haven't yet gone to Part One and Part Two, but will make another trip back here later when there's more time.

Mike S said...

I really loved the part one shot.
Afraid Calgary is out these days. I'm like a delicate wine now, I bruise easily and don't travel well. Your whimsical photos are almost as good as your terrific writing:):):):)

Cecily said...

You're holding the camera with your foot right?! ;)

Yummo. I love cooking.

the hamster said...

i love that pic from sittingthere. very conquering. total rock-fist pose. been one of my favorite nester shots since i first saw it.

please tell cecily that you are indeed holding the camera with your foot. that would be so boss.

i'll bring a french press of something dark as the devil's heart. you bring the baked goods. no nuts in my piece, thanx.

Angela said...

aaron, it's scrumptdiddlyumptious coconut cream cheese icing. a whole lot of it.

cherie, the reason i took another baking shot was because a friend at church said she wanted to put those other pictures up in her kitchen for inspiration. and i thought, good golly, i'm a gonna do that. but two isn't right. i need a third. good things come in threes.

that first shot is my favourite, too. too bad about the calgary.

cecily, i almost emailed you to ask for a good cake recipe that day because i know you are a culinary queen, but i ran out of time.

nuts + baked goods = gross.
bring it. we could meet in, say, salt lake city. kick it with the mormons.

Cherie said...

Yes, good things come in threes. After I looked at your three photos I thought the same thing, that you oughtta make a trio and hang 'em up! You'll have to take a picture of your trio and let us see how it looks all together.

I do love them all. Colorful and creative.

Cecily said...

No, no, no! Nuts and baked goods aren't gross! What are you saying?! I'm about to go and cook a macadamia (supplemented with almonds as I don't have enough macadamias) and ginger finger slice. It's seriously good. ;)

Culinary queen... you make me laugh. Of course I don't post the failures! I'll hunt up a good cake recipe though. Without nuts. ;)

Angela said...

coconut and almonds are totally exempt. mostly it's the walnuts i hate. bitter little bastards.