Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Next Tattoo Will Read..

I'm Not Hitting on You.
I'm Being Nice.

I was thinking of somewhere discreet like my forehead...?


the hamster said...

there's a story here that kicks ace. i know it. i can smell it reeling off your forehead. are you telling? c'mon, are you telling?

and, by the way, i feel your pain. i'm not sure what it is about the republic, but women take compliments WAY better than women in the midwest. women in the midwest will pepper-spray you just for making eye contact. it's crazy. women in the republic are like, "damn right, i look good! that's mama's biscuits and gravy at work in them legs, hunny, so if you wanna keep talking you best get to dancin!"

or something like that.

Deanna said...

You remind me of my daughter. :o)
I s'pose I am almost old enough to be your mom. Almost.

Angela said...

you're old enough to be my mom's much younger sister. the one that wasn't planned and that made everyone pause and wonder if they should say daughter or granddaughter. not that there was one, but, you know. there could have been. six kids were probably good enough.

biscuits and gravy? i like gravy.

and that's the only confession you're getting, sucka.

Cristina said...

can you send me the design, 'cause i'm in with that tattoo, too.

Cherie said...

Ha.....that's great.

Sean said...

I don't have any tattoos, but then i guess this isn't about me, is it?

Its a life-goal of mine for waves of hipsters, scenesters, punksters, emos and cool kids all over the globe to have my face tattoo'd upon theirs. Let me know if you know anyone to get this started...

Angela said...

cristina and cherie,
see the nice thing is, i've got bangs now. very versatile.

we could make it about you. i could be all nice and you could be all, "back off, woman! i've got a super-cool girlfriend." and i could be all, "sheesh, man. i was just being nice." but i don't think that would get you any closer to your face on the masses. which would be a shame. cause it's a good face.
see. look at how nice i am.

Myles said...

i too would like to hear a story. hansel and gretel for example. or maybe the boy who cried wolf. or the one about how niceness is misconstrued as attraction.

in other news, i watched Lars and the Real Girl last night, which is great, and is not about misconstrued sexual attraction, but is about Minnesota Lutherans and schizophrenia.

Angela said...


once upon a time there was a girl. she was nice, but she was also very forgetful. to help with her forgetfulness she developed a habit of leaving trails of breadcrumbs behind her whenever she went out so that she could always find her way home. one day, a dog came and ate up all her crumbs. when the girl saw that her crumbs were gone and so, her way home also gone, she began to cry.
"don't cry," said the dog, "you can come live with me."
"alright," said the girl. and so she did, and she was very happy.

the end.

Dan Morehead said...

Ha. Thanks for the chuckle.

Ann said...

My tatoo of choice would read: Chill. Neither you nor I are as important as we think we are. Let's go drink margaritas instead of arguing.

No, it has nothing to do with anything you wrote, but somehow you inspired me. Now doesn't that make YOU feel important??

Kimberly said...

I've been considering another tattoo. Yes, I believe this one will do quite nice.