Thursday, May 1, 2008

This is How My Heart Behaves

A1.: So, what the heck's going on with this blog here?
A2.: I know. She never posts anymore. What gives?
A1.: Ya, and when she does, she's just posting poetry. Who the hell reads poetry nowadays? Only poets read poetry.
A2.: Ain't that the truth.
A1.: She doesn't even comment anymore.
A2.: Snob.
A1.: Maybe she's busy doing other writing.
A2.: Maybe she feels like she doesn't have anything to say right now.
A1.: There's probably a man involved.
A2.: Ass.
A1.: Maybe this blog is dead.


A2.: No. It's not dead.
A1.: Just resting.
A2.: Definitely not dead.
A1. I hope it's not dead.


Cecily said...

Is there a blogging lull around the world? I think it's just a blogging lull. Not dead. No. no.

(But were you reading my thoughts? Every single one of them?)

the hamster said...

lulls come in conversation every seven minutes - so they say.

i also believe that translates into blogging. or any other writing.

and i know for a fact that people are still read poetry. keep the poems coming, if need be.

i love that you talk to yourself in A1 and A2. it's good to know you're not the only bum around.

keep the good stuff coming. it's all good! it's all good!

Mike S said...

Where'd you get the idea nobody reads poetry? What a silly notion!

I love the A1 & A2 as I do much the same(even aloud is okay at my age), however, I am confused why A3, A4, & A5 don't pipe up. M3,4 & 5 and even M6 always gotta have a say too!!

Far from being dead, your blog hasn't even really been in a lull. Good output takes time and thought. Keep posting the great stuff we've become accustomed to:):):):)

Angela said...

yes, cecily. i was.

hamster, bums abound.

i heard a poet say it. i figured he would know. it made me sad.
A3, A4 and A5 are bound and gagged for misbehaviour at the moment.