Thursday, September 18, 2008

Excuse Me, But Your Armpits Smell Like Soup

I was cooking up a big pot of carrot and coriander soup for supper tonight, and I added some cumin, you know, 'cause cumin is so good and all, and then I went to add the carrots - the ones I wanted to use up before they spoiled - only to find out that they had already spoiled. Nice. So I hopped in the car to get some more carrots and noticed, within the close confines of the car, that there was this distinct smell of gross coming off me. Like dirty sweat. I don't usually smell like dirty sweat. I started sniffing. I have a good nose: my arms, my elbows, my armpits, even my knees. It all smelled like a thirteen year old boy after a rousing game of floor hockey.

Friends, I am here to tell you all that hot cumin cooking in a pot of broth and onions smells like armpits.

Consider yourself warned.
Now go forth and multiply.

I dunno.


Caroline said...

I laughed and laughed, you too funny!

Angela said...

ha! i was thinking of you when i wrote it.

Mike S said...

Angela, so sorry about your mom. Add our prayers to those of the rest of your friends. Mike & Shirley