Thursday, September 4, 2008


I just dropped India off for her first day of kindergarten. My heart is all kinds of happy/sad.

Fly, little lady. Fly.


Kimberly said...

At least you sent her off in style... I'm loving that outfit!

Angela said...

consider it pure joy, my sister, when you find skinny jeans for a five year old.
and the shoes. oh, the shoes...

deanna said...

With the creative energy she has to draw on from home, she ought to navigate school with style (and I'm not talking clothes, though they are cute).

Cherie said...

Oh the pain.

You are braver than I, Angela.

I couldn't do it. Just couldn't put my little boy on that bus and watch someone else have him.

So I homeschooled.

That was 1986 and I'm still at it with his last two siblings.

Your baby, though, yeah, she's gonna be just fine.

(And so will her mama.)

cecily said...

she looks kinda cool about it all - in so many ways!

hendricks said...

I am going to miss her Thursday mornings. But, I am sure she is delighted with learning in school. And delighted with new little friends. Ah, bless.

Sandy's Notes said...

She's getting so big. Gosh they grow fast don't they?