Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let the good times flow

Hey, I'm home. Safe and sorta sound. I brought some fantastic souvenirs back with me, but I think my favourite one is the thing I got that kept me up half the night running to the bathroom and reeling in pain. That one's awesome. I'm putting to the test the theory that our bodies are mostly made of water because my blood has got to be like concentrated orange juice by now.

Really, it was a great trip. More on that when I can eat without pain.


Anonymous said...

Poor you! I hope your guts will mend and you can start to feel human again. I look forward to hearing all about it!


deanna said...

Aag. No fun. On the other hand, if you've ever felt like going off gluten (or any other substance), it's the perfect time, because your body's free of it! Yes, I knew you needed to hear that.

So glad you're home.

cecily said...

Welcome home. Sometimes I think coming home is harder than going over... I have all these 'we're so wasteful here' thoughts and 'I wasn't ready to leave, let me wear their national costume for a while so I don't forget the experience' ideas. Hope you settle quickly and well and get everything out of your system you need to. (I've also heard it takes telling your story 9 times, I presume publicly because that's when you process most, before you have fully processed. So happy story telling!)

Cherie said...

Ah, nuts! Well, feel better, world traveler!

Angela said...

thanks for the well wishes, ladies. it's good to be home with toilet paper flushable toilets again.
it takes me forever to process things and when i finally understand what something meant to me people have forgotten i did that something. cecily, 9 times? that could be problematic, though not as problematic as giving up gluten. i love the bread.