Thursday, November 27, 2008

If you're small and on a search

I've got a feeder for you to perch on.


All my love, Donna said...

...I miss you!!

Enjoyed catching up with your blog-it made me laugh! And the Bolivia story was powerful & when I read it I felt the story's voice from the inside. Do you know what I mean- I think you would.

SEE YA ANG!!! Soon I hope!
hey whatcha doin'sometime around the 15th? Like do can you get a week end night off or maybe a thursday nite... I think we need to shake our bon-bons & throw are arms in the air & wave them like we just don't care!

Mike S said...

Neat clip!! I too just caught up. Seems every time we had a job in Bolivia the 'new' guy would want to go over the 'Death Road'. No reason to as there's a perfectly good alternative unless visiting one of the barrios on the road.

The last time there was around 17 years ago, but friends there tell me in letters that it's still an attraction and more popular than ever.

Tomorrow I need to read the little piece you were kind enough to send me. Lose reading ability for a short time and it all piles up so very fast!