Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby doll

Oh, and if you think it's cold where you are - we have a forecast of -39C (-38F) for tomorrow. Without the wind chill.


cecily said...

oh my... i'll stop complaining about our sucky, miserable cold summer in tasmania now!

christy said...

I don't think my body would even understand what -38 was. It's 40 and I'm freezing. Keep warm! You're more of a woman than I am.

Cherie said...


Don't walk outside barefoot - your feet might freeze to the sidewalk the way a tongue freezes to a flag pole.

(Not that I'D know. ;)

Ramón said...

Well, that certainly puts Portland's little flurries in perspective.

Mike S said...

Our daughter in Calgary says this is the coldest & snowiest there since she moved from back here. We've been a tad chilly too, think some of your cold is overflowing as we've been in minus numbers most of the week, -22F right now & breezy as always. Great Christmas 'get cozy' and enjoy India & a good book weather.