Saturday, January 24, 2009

All professional, all the time

Um, so, I may have just demonstrated to one of the kids at the group home that I, too, am perfectly able and skilled at using the fuck word - in a professional and unemotional sense, of course. He seemed to think it was a talent only he possessed, and that I should be duly impressed with the way he was tacking it on to everything he said in that ever so creative way of his.

Little brat got to me. And I like that kid.

I told him after that I wished him a good night and a better week, but I was half waiting to have the T.V. thrown at me.

Sheesh. Someone pass me a bar of soap and a little absolution.


deanna said...

My daughter talks to an Orthodox priest these days; shall I give you his number? Nice man. (I think he'd say something about your humanity and something about the Lord's mercy.)

Angela said...

only if he's single, deanna.

Cherie said...

That word is thrown around so much these days I'm wondering if it's really all that bad anymore.

I don't use it - much - but I'm old school.

Shrug it off, Angela. There are worse things...


Mike S said...

I've found so many toss that around these days that it no longer registers with me after I 1st hear it & cringe. That's a bit of 'old school' reaction too I guess. When I was younger it was nowhere near as commonly said as now. But, that was the 40s & 50s.

I did a tour in the Navy & worked with all branches of several countries' armed forces, their language is far politer than that which is common these days.

cecily said...

Hahaha. When I first read this I had just mistakenly made a wrong number phone call. (I thought my memory was better than it is and called a friend without looking up their number) When I said 'I'm sorry I think I have the wrong number' he said 'too fuckn' right you have, fuck, fuck, fuck' or something to that effect. I was so shocked I hung up as quickly as I could. Later I contemplated phoning him back all night and harassing him by hanging up every time he picked up! Common sense prevailed. But I'm not averse to a little f'ing myself, although I have to say I choose my company carefully. (Sorry Frank... I know it hurts your ears)