Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Lovey Dovey Day

I think last night I just might have had the best Valentine's Day dinner. Ever. It included macaroni, smokies, raspberries, blackberries, cupcakes with icing four inches deep and a movie that was even more sickly sweet than that. All of India's favourites.
I like that loving means knowing how to give happiness in concrete ways to the one you love, and that in the giving, bright orange cheese sauce tastes nothing like it came powdered from a box.

Shake it.
You threw your hair back and you sang along.


Cherie said...

Sweet reprieve.

You girls are too cute!

deanna said...

Aw, so cute. Your music - I always like it (I've even bought some). Bright orange cheese from a box - those were the days around here. I'm glad it was good!

Angela said...

thanks, ladies.