Monday, March 2, 2009

It's been a week

and I still haven't stopped grinning like a fool.

University of Iowa called to "invite" me to do my MFA at their fine, fine school.



Janna said...

Congratulation are SO due! MFA is such a funny acronym, so many possibilities. Does this mean you'll have to do some traveling down to Iowa? I wonder how far that is from me. Best of luck, Friend!

deanna said...

Way to go!! I'm excited; I'm toasting you with chocolate chips! Will this be a low residency program? Will you move there? Will you meet people from the U of Iowa Press? Details, woman!

Ramón said...

Extraordinary accomplishment, Angela, and well deserved!

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Shut up!!! Shut up. Shut up! Seriously?

That's the hugest of all huges. Very, very well deserved, friend. You can't beat that with a stick.

shannon said...

does this mean they're paying for it, too? did you apply, or did they just hear about you?


Angela said...

this is me soaking it up.

love, love, love.

IP said...

Found you by way of your snarky Burnside comment (which I liked and had kind of been wondering about myself-making fun of a writer in a group full of writers when we all secretly fear we suck--or maybe that's just me). I've been browsing through the site and just wanted to post a comment to tell you that I like your writing, and I'm excited about your good news. It's awesome. I'm jealous. :-)

Angela said...

ha! thanks, ip.
people being mean to vulnerable people scare me. i grow claws in a flash. heaven help the boy who hurts my daughter.
hey, i took a quick glance around your blog. you're pretty darn fantastic.
thanks for the well wishes!