Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm in a pickle.

Finding a house to live in for three years from 2470 km away, or 1534 miles away, is tricky business. So, you know, if any of you want to swing by a place and check it out for me I would repay your love with cake. And pies. I make a mean pie.


IP said...

Having recently moved myself, I found craigslist to be an invaluable source of places to rent and found the place I'm in right now through there. If you can swing it, it helps to have a few days to hoof around in the city before your move to get the lay of the land. I also found google street view to be great in helping figure out how to spend my time. I would do a 360 view around the place I was considering and up and down the street. Saved me from some sketchy neighborhoods...

Good luck!

Mama K said...

If I lived near your prospective place I would be happy to help. Truly, I would... But what are the odds that I do? I'm in the midwest. How close is that?


ps - Google street view is a great idea.

Angela said...

thanks, ip. i've spent enough time on craigslist in the past few weeks that craig is gonna propose and i know him well enough now to feel comfortable saying yes.
i'm trying like mad to avoid having to fly back since i don't have the money, but, i may just sell my hair and make it work.

mama k, i, um, am blushing and admitting that i don't even know what the real "midwest" is. i'll be in iowa city and i know that's midwest. and, well, that's all i know.
but don't tell anyone else. they might kick me out.

IP said...

i spent some of my formative years next door to iowa in nebraska and it's not a bad place. a flat place, yes, but not a bad place. i have a friend in des moines, not too far from your final destination and have asked her if she has any stellar insights to share as she is a near native iowan and has spent time in other parts of the state. will advise...

Mama K said...

I am a full day's drive, or more, from Iowa. Sorry I can't help.

I think they changed the definition of "Midwest". It used to be what is sometimes called the Great Lake states, and now sometimes it refers to what is also known as the Plains states.

Maybe we should find out who's messing with the names and get them to make up their minds, huh?

Hope you find what you need to know. Moving so far must be terribly challenging.

Angela said...

thanks so much, ip. that's might nice of you.

mama k,
it is tricky, but so far, excepting one eye popping crazy day, i've managed to keep it together. i know it'll work out somehow, which is a miracle worthy state for my obsessive brain.