Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Vending Machine of Happiness


Ramón said...

Climbing trees with galoshes...brilliant!

Angela said...

with galoshes on the wrong feet, no less!
it's funny. i meant to post some other pictures and got distracted with these ones and forgot all together to post what i was going to post. good grief. i'm a scatterbrain.

Jodi said...

suntanning in jeans? oh, my pasty friend. i miss you already.

Ava said...

What gorgeous pictures. I love the narrative of them. You've a thing for photographing your feet, eh? I like that you can see someone playing guitar on the edge of that frame.

Angela said...

alabaster, jodi. alabaster

i've got pictures of me and my feet all over the place. it makes me feel like i've really been present somewhere, you know? but it's funny because i don't like them feet of mine one little bit.
that guitar's good, hey?

cecily said...

i need some gumboots... where did these ones come from? maybe i could pop down to the shop and get some!

ah, beautiful sun. :-)

Angela said...

she got them from the girl next door, i'm afraid. they swapped - india's sparkly sandals for the boots.

patty said...

love the shot of the tree-climbing beauty! :)
and love your blog-design... color is great!

Cherie said...

That little girl with her energy and carefree countenance. A summer girl - all the time, I imagine.

And you with those loooong legs. Long slim legs.