Monday, July 20, 2009

This New Pocket I've Got

When I go out walking, inevitably, I will pick up something I find on the ground - usually a rock or a stick - and hold it in my hand while I walk, and if it is a real find, I will tuck it in my pocket and keep it for later. India is the same way, and I need to get better at checking her pants before I throw things in the wash because there have been messes and loud crashings and bangings in the dryer and one day something will get stuck and I'll be in trouble.

I've been out wandering. Picking things up and shoving them into a pocket. I've been thinking about writer as servant, as independent, as dependent, as private figure, as public figure, as artist, as professional, as watcher, as collector, as distiller. There is a lot of Romantic gobbledygook surrounding the persona of being a writer, and because I own the sort of heart that is susceptible to Romantic gobbledygook, I have had to sludge my way through the bullshit to get to the truth. Of course, I'm not through it all yet, but I'm trying. Forgive my lapses.

All of that is to say that if there are any of you left reading, if you are curious, or bored, or just looking for a link to follow, you can find me here, for now.


Ramón said...

Still reading.

If you're ever in Portland, I've got a small group of friends who are (fill in paying job)-writers, figuring out what it means to remove the first part of the hyphenation.

We'd love to share thoughts and stories with you over dinner and wine, our treat. Just something to keep in mind if your travels head Northwesterly.

Mama K said...

Oh, I am so still reading... you have a way with words and I like to read your blog whenever you post something. Hope you continue to write for a long time... it would be worth it anyway, wouldn't it, if it were only for your own enjoyment?

cecily said...

oh my goodness. i am so glad you are writing over there. i was worried. now i am relieved. (plus i need to come back and read more when i have time, which i don't have so much now, because i've been away for a week and just arrived home today)

such. a. relief.

Ava said...

and I too, am still reading...will be catching up on the last month or so. thanks for letting us know where you are and where you've been.

Janna Barber said...

as usual, you make me laugh and cry. even when you're not being a fancy essay girl, your word choice and sentence structure reel me in. i don't want you to leave CN though, just because I have always loved that title. so much.

Angela said...

hey ramon, aren't you going to be gone soon? hand on my heart - if ever i'm in portland i shall drop you a line and wine will be drunk. drank. had.

mama k, i'm pretty sure i will write till i'm dead regardless of a readership, but it would look a whole lot different around here if i were alone. more nudity probably.

you're pretty awesome, hey? thanks.

thanks. and thanks for your kind shout outs. they did me good when i was out figuring things.

i don't think i'm leaving cinnamon nest exactly. that might make me feel a little sickish, and i'm not done with that gold and burning bird, yet. i'm just giving her a rest while i go for a swim in the sea. i like mermaids some.

Mama K said...

I miss your writings.-k.

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