Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We are, my dear, a dime a dozen people.
A, "Nothing new under the sun," animal.
Bragging of our fancy shmancy fingerprints unique to us,
Hey, kid!
We none of us have a precious thought as fresh as that helixed skin.
And good grief, you could be any Tom, Dick or Jennifer with all your humdrum desires for the exceptional.

Oh, but dear Lord, (ache) you are beautiful.
And probably most beautiful in the ways in which you always forget your address,
and dad's birthday,
and that you are
and never have been,


Kimberly said...

I enjoyed Sitting There Alone, but I am already a HUGE fan of A Cinnamon Nest. Your writing is full of life and hope.

Wicked Cash said...


Mike S said...

What a nice way of putting things in perspective:)

Aaron Stewart said...

What an unexpected pleasure to start my morning. :)

Angela said...

ahhh. you all make me feel so happy. thanks, friends.