Monday, October 1, 2007

Take Heart, For I Have Overcome the World

I take comfort in the fact that Henri Nouwen was a flop when it came to living in community at Daybreak, that Mother Theresa struggled with doubt for most of her life, that Thomas Merton thought his books were shit and that he had an affair in his later life, that Annie Dillard has been married three times, and that my mom can't work through a disagreement worth beans, without throwing up her hands at me and leaving.
Chin up, little chicks. You're looking in the wrong direction.


Mike S said...

Isn't it strange how we humans tend to dwell on our failings rather than our accomplishments? Especially as the latter are generally far more numerous:)

Cecily said...

Ya... nice to not be alone in the failings hey. It does give one heart!

christy said...

I've been thinking a lot lately about a line from an EmmyLou Harris song: "Now someday up in glory,
Well, I'll weep and tell the story
To someone who will smile and say,
"You're a mess but you're my child." That's very comforting.

DeadMansHonda said...

I'm reading Mother Theresa's book right now...wondering what the HELL was wrong with the people who discipled her....

Would that you have more support than she....and never quit being so honest. I love it.

Ann said...

Beautifully succinct and reassuring post!-- As always, you say what I'd like to.

Kimberly said...

chin up, indeed.

Cherie said...

Thanks for this stark, honest look at the reality of those we look up to, who are really quite a bit like us.

Aaron Stewart said...

I've subscribed and look forward to further reading. :)

Angela said...

mike, it seems to me to depend on the person. we make saints and demons willy nilly as we see fit or as fits our ends.

ya. even my mom isn't perfect. who knew?

i've been listening to emmy lou all week now. it's been a while, but wow, i love that lady.

i wish you were closer because then i'd "borrow" your book. thanks for the kind encouragement.

i'm glad you were encouraged -that i could return the favour.

and up, and up.

you're welcome! like us, and wonderfully not, hey? both are so lovely.

mr. stewart! glad to hear it, and glad to have you.