Friday, October 5, 2007

Slow Fade into the Ocean's Arms.

Hopping on a plane in six days.
Going here.
Bridesmaiding my Melanie Dawn and her Dan.

Writing my heart out for almost three weeks.

So happy. So, so happy.

Trying to pretend I am organized.
Fooling no one.


christy said...


Mike S said...

Have a great time!!

Deanna said...

So happy for you. Writing your heart out beats being organized, I know this well.

Cherie said...

Lucky Duck!! Have a grand trip and do tell us all about it, with pictures, when you return.....pleeeease!

Organization, bosh. Who needs it. Seat of the pants!

Angela said...

thanks, everyone! seat of the pants it is! waoweeeee!

Cecily said...

L'Abri!? Fabulous. Writing? Even more fabulous. Sharing special moments with friends? Out of this world. I don't think any of that fits with organisation... clash of paradigms or something ;)

I read about the setting up of L'Abri in Switzerland years ago and loved the story...