Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I just got these.

I'm very, very, very excited.
It kinda makes up for a crappy day.

What can I say? I'm a simple sort o' girl.

And, if you write at all, listen to this CBC interview with Orhan Pamuk (Nov 11). It'll do your heart good.


Mike S said...

Listened to it. Very nice of you to provide it as our CBC reception has been 'iffy' of late. Now it looks as if our Satellite Provider will soon drop it altogether:(

Cecily said...

A post has disappeared!? I was moved by it (always am by your writing) and feel compelled to comment anyway. I like to imagine my faith is strongest when it's hardest, because that is when I'm absolutely struggling to hold onto it. It must be strong to keep hanging in there. Then I remind myself that it isn't faith if life is easy and it's easy to believe. Faith is when things look impossible or unreasonable.

Feel free to delete... I just had to say it and empathise or whatever.

btw... you like my blog?! I think your is amazing. There's just something about your writing.

Angela said...

no cbc mike? poor you! they've got a pretty good podcast set up though.

cecily, ya, it disappeared. until dec 4th this blog is part of a class assignment and though i doubt any of my classmates read it, i felt a bit too vulnerable last night after having posted it to leave it on. i'm glad you liked it though. thanks.
and YES, i love your blog. your self reflecting gets me reflecting. you're honest and sincere and i love honest and sincere. i'm glad i found you/you found me!

Kimberly said...

can't wait to get home and listen (no speakers at work)... and yes, listening to an interview on writing does sound like a compelling way to spend my Friday night... which may explain my singleness...

New books are always so much fun ~ I'm hitting the estate sales Saturday morning, so hopefully I will find some new old books to add to my collection.

Deanna said...

The interview buoyed me. I sure like buoys. Thanks. Enjoy your reads.

Angela said...

kimberly, or maybe your singleness can be explained in that you're just too smart. do you read ann's blog?

deanna, buoys are nice. so are boys.