Thursday, November 22, 2007

Angela Stewart

I'd like to see your handwriting.

I'd like to send you mine.
Tell me, and I will.


Mike S said...

As soon as I get a postcard with a nice view of here on it:)

Kimberly said...

hmm... is this a subtle reminder that I only have a few weeks left to get my Christmas cards in the mail? Did my Grandmother put you up to this?!

Cecily said...

Yay... I'd love to write. (Couldn't you just ask people to write something, scan it and email it to you or post it on their blog?) Aren't you scared having your full address out there for all to see? Oh, I love the risk and bravery here. I'll write for sure.

Angela said...

oh yay, mike! i'm so excited. i'll send you one back

kimberly, yer funny. send me a card! send me a card!

cecily, yay! i'm so excited. i've never had mail from australia before.
should i be scared? it didn't occur to me to be scared. hmmmmm. na. i'm not worried.