Saturday, November 24, 2007

Skinny Boys

I've watched and fallen in love, all despair and envy, at how you own your bodies and move inside that pretty skin of yours wherever you go,
well anchored,
from your toes to your scalp, like strutting conquistadors eating mangoes.

Sharp inhale.

You are shining, all long limbed and carelessly clothed, arching that ball and kicking up dust with your ratty old shoes.
And you write
the way you move,
sinewy words,
with reckless abandon that makes me sweat and groan and toss up my hands and push away from the paper.
you and your moon,
you and your sidewalk,
you and your bike,
planting flags
and picking foreign fruit.


Mike S said...

Very nice:):)

Angela said...

and again, mike, you are a brave man. and i'm glad!thanks.

the hamster said...

i love you, my friend, more than even then. and i love your momma. she gives life and love to all manner of people. she gave us you. she wrapped you in beauty and courage and calls you home. i'm thinking about you, and balling up into weepy little messes with you. find a way to keep us posted. you two are not done tossing dirty looks back and forth in the early morning kitchen. you are so, so good.

Angela said...

hamster, my hamster,
thank you.
this is for you:

i love you.
take care.

the hamster said...

it's perfect. and i love it. please never take it down. i hope those are your socks. wow - i really hope those are your socks.

Angela said...

my socks.

Angela said...

hey, you.

i just came back from seeing my momma in the hospital. besides the fact that she's got this really gross tube with a bag of blood and "fluid" seeping into it from her neck, she seems great. smiling and calm as always.
we don't find out until next week if it's cancer or not.
i've been thinking about loss these days and what it means and how to handle it and how i'm so damn afraid of it. fear of loss is a big hard rock in my heart that i have no intention of letting god anywhere near.
gotta think about that some more.

man, i miss you. this is me smiling at you over in texas.

be well, friend. thanks for your love. it did my heart good.

(hey. i finally had a real live dream about you and me. and this fantastic random train ride. and latonya and a craft shop. i'll write about it some day. it was a good one. i woke up happy.)

this is getting too long. i'm breaking the rules here.

love you.