Friday, January 25, 2008

I Prefer the Term "Alabaster"

This is me almost resisting the urge to blog when I have an essay due Monday morning, a book to finish reading for class also on Monday and a presentation to prepare. Ah, and I work at the group home all weekend.

But, I have a really funny story involving a stranger at a coffee shop telling me why my skin is so pale, and another (amazingly beautiful) stranger at an art opening on Wednesday, holding out his arms toward me, looking me full in the eyes and saying, "I love you. I am ready to receive your love." And how all I could do was blush and frantically look for an escape.

But I've got to get to work, so I'll see you soon, my lovelies.


Cecily said...

Love the shoes, LOVE the skirt and WILL YOU CHECK OUT THOSE LEGS?!

The test will be whether you resist checking all the comments on the almost post!

Oh my... he LOVED you (it was those legs for sure)... was he, like, an angel sent in that moment to make you feel fantastic? (Obviously if he was an angel he needs to learn a little more about to make you feel fantastic...)

Mike S said...

Hmmmmm!! Nice 'getaway pegs'! Sounds like they worked well too. Would you have been more receptive had he been offering fresh Ollibollen??
It's warmed up some now -22F\-30C. I can tell when it gets below -45F\-42C as my automated weather monitor freezes up a lot. If you forget to leave your vehicle plugged in overnight you'll have slush for anti-freeze at those temps too. Lovely legs, oops, already made a 'sexist' remark above.....hehehe:)

Cherie said...

Whatever is it like to have such gorgeous, photogenic legs - and alabaster, no less?

You are lovely - from all angles, and mysterious, too.

Aaron Stewart said...

You just wanted to show off your wonderful shoes.

Ann said...

Can't wait for the stories. Come back soon.

Angela said...

cecily, i failed miserably!

mike, getaway pegs! ha. i don't know if i've heard that one before. it has nothing to do with my receptivity and everything to do with the fact that good looking men make me very nervous. sigh.

cherie, i think i'm about as mysterious as toothpaste.

aaron! for shame. aren't they fantastic?

ann, i survived! it's tuesday and i'm still alive. and i'm back. sorta. for a bit.

Anonymous said...

are you going to tell these stories, or what? I'm getting impatient.