Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hot Off the Press

Heart Divided


Anonymous said...

Congrats, you are amazing. Another amazing piece of writing. I am honored to know you!

Aaron Stewart said...

Wonderful piece. Your dollar is also worth more than ours currently. ;)

Chris LaBossiere said...

So very well written, and a significant tribute to Albertan's.

Wherever your ability and passion for writing comes from, keep feeding it.

It is such a simple science, but a rare art when done well.

Cecily said...

Woohoo! You're published! (again)

OK, so I liked your writing, and found the insight into Albertans fascinating (I suspect Aussies aren't that different)... but I was most captivated by the ad on the left... that kid in a blanket with the outrageous sunglasses is Australian and he caused quite a stir here. Stupid kid... and now he's world famous. Go figure.


Cherie said...

Ya done good, kid!


Just as Cecily did, I learned a thing or two. And as always, your writing carries me right along to the too-soon end.

Congrats, Angela. Wonderful. You're a blessing to your people.

P.S. Today I received a copy of Stolen Life. I'm heading to bed now to begin it, snuggled under warm blankets during our unusually cold Oregon winter (which is probably like spring to you Albertans.) Thanks for the tip - about the book.

Angela said...

aaron, if you didn't love your city so much, i'd say you should come out here while the gettin' is (sorta) good!

welcome, chris!
thanks for your kind words. such an encouragement.

cecily, i thought of you as soon as i saw that pic and read the caption. you just keep your crazy kids at home.

cherie, oh no oh no oh no!!!!!
don't snuggle up in bed with "stolen life"! brace yourself with a shot or two of whiskey. it's probably the hardest read i've ever had. i would have quit it if it wasn't for class. it's amazing, but full of horrific violence and abuse. good luck and yikes.

Anonymous said...

Your essay got pitched onto my doorstep in Calgary early yesterday morning. I really enjoyed reading it.

Keep writing.

Jeremy Klaszus

Deanna said...

Tis informative, insightful, lovely. You give us the gift of saying someday soon, "I knew of her when she wasn't quite yet a household name!"

I'm glad you're sending out the expressions that only you can create.

Cherie said...

NOW you tell me. (Just kidding.)

The part I read last night was benign enough, but I caught a good sense that something evil this way comes, so I'm not going to read it before bed - but in those other stolen moments.

Getting out the whiskey - bracing myself - I'll let you know when I walk away from it.

Sandy's Notes said...

Oh so good. I've printed it and will sit down and read it with a cup of tea, or glass of wine this evening. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to.

Good for you!

Sandy's Notes said...

Angela, Here I am again, about 12 hours later after printing your article. I set myself down in a comfortable chair after a long day of work, looking forward to good read. I was not disappointed, it was well worth the wait.

Keep writing, keep telling us when you get published!

Mike S said...

So well written and insightful. I realize it's about Alberta and the folks there, but being an 'American Indian' in another harsh land, it truly reflects the Spirit of our land and People as well. So sad there were so few like the 'Good Father' when they were sorely needed. Please keep notifying us when you get published. By the way, our low last night at zero-dark-thirty was -33F with a 10mph wind. I LOVE winter though.
Stolen Life sounds good. I'll look for it, although my idea of a good winter's eve is single malt, bed, and Stephen King stories:):)

Angela said...

that was kind of you. thanks. i think i love calgary but like a relative i only see at christmas. i've got her back, but i don't really know where she's been.

you're a hoot. canadian writers never become household names.

good! do let me know what you think.

phewf! i'm glad you liked it. thanks for your support.

if my handy dandy converter is working right, that's about -36C. YIKES! battle on, brave soul.