Thursday, January 17, 2008

So This is the New Year

On Friday night I was at a beautiful French restaurant for a prof's birthday party, listening to people who actually said things like, "I've got some Dickens for you that you have never seen. You will be amazed!" or "Have you ever thought of Corfu? It's a writer's paradise."

On Saturday, I was driving in the front seat of a police car crying. More on that some other time.

On Tuesday, I was on TV talking about the piece I wrote as a collaboration with my friend. Later that day, I was eating dolmades and sipping malted milks at the art gallery for the show/gallery opening with all the local politicians who take every opportunity to promote themselves or their party. Blech on them. The food, however, was great.

Today, I was on the phone with an editor from The Globe and Mail because next Tuesday one of my essays will be printed in that fine, fine paper.

I've got pages and pages of reading and writing to get at and a pile of laundry in the middle of my bed to fold.
I think maybe laundry has become the constant in my life.

(I owe Kimberly a post about my week. I'm hopping this will count. She has some mighty fine things up on her space. If you've never gone for a visit, you might wanna.)


hendricks said...

I will look forward to picking up the Globe next Tuesday! And hearing more about your week on Sunday.

Kimberly said...

The writing life is so glamorous, no? Congrats on the publication!

Deanna said...

Yay for malted milk and the gallery!
Sorry about the police car ride.
Yay for publication!

Kimberly said...

This post was my goodluck charm! I just got an email from Burnside that they are going to run another article from me!!! (I've only published one other there, and I've never published anywhere else... other than my high school literary magazine)

Cherie said...

Is this the beginning of all you hope for?

Did you get the laundry folded?

Talk about balance.

Mike S said...

Will be looking for the essay, is it going to be available online?? Wow don't think I could take that much in one week being old, decrepit & whatnot:)

Ann said...

Interesting week! But I'm so nosy. (I wanna hear 'bout the police car!)

Angela said...

thanks for all your congratulations! wahoo!
kimberly, hooray for you! i'll be your good luck charm whenever i can.

ann, let's just say it makes your deadbeat story look rather tame. i am officially a scatter brain.

cherie, yes. the laundry is folded, but tuesday is here again, and so is that pile on my bed.

Anonymous said...

And the police car story? There's another one you've left us hanging on.

[tapping foot]