Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby did a [Good, Good] Thing

Lord almighty. Last night was more fun than I've had in ages.
India's favourite Broken Social Scene song is this. I like it real good, too. And this one. And this one makes me sweat.

Also, how could I not fall in love with a man who wears this? Really? He shook his hips like Elvis. My eyes went all a flutterin'.
Good times.


Deanna said...

Looks like a great night, maybe thunderheads in the sky? You and India sure are looker ladies; bet you had to fight off the male population.

Angela said...

deanna, ya. it was supposed to rain, but it didn't. too bad. music in the rain is a good thing.
india attracts everyone to herself. i get to bask in the glow.

cecily said...

Yeah... I could cope with photos like these for a while.