Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I just:

- talked to a friend on the phone who was naked.
- had butter chicken for breakfast.
- answered the doorbell to a very good looking man. I looked like this:

I thought you might like to know.


Deanna said...

Hm, lovely start to the day. Your pixieish grin must've captured the man's attention. :o) Oh, I know there's more to you than worries about being sexy (of which you should have none)! So will stop now putting foot in mouth and hope you have a great morning tomorrow.

Angela said...

i kinda like how i look in the morning - all messy haired and plain - but it's usually only something i share with people i love (ah, and apparently anyone reading this blog)- not blue eyed strangers at my door.
and, i like you and your foot. c'mon over anytime.

Oui- c'est moi. said...

Yeah it's funny my mom said to me- 'gee dani- angela sure looks great!' and as nice as my mom is that is not something she normally would say. Yeah it's true- you are a hot mumah. My mumah just proved it.

About the lookin' good in the morning- I kinda like the way I look in the morning too. I'm often surprised - 'hey I don't look half as bad as I feel!' as I creak down the stairs! I know-I know- it's more then that- it is the 'Lou- you really like this stinky old sleepy headed self that close to you?'.

Kay really should be goin' to work now

Angela said...

hey bertrand,
can i borrow your plastic pants and kool dance moves sometime? especially the crouch and flail. like it good.