Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to Be Sexy

"The Seductress Stance"
1. Imagine you are standing on the face of a gigantic clock. Angle your right (back) foot to two o'clock...

Danielle and Luis - man alive, they're sexy.

Look out. I am about to seduce you.

"The Subtle Touches You Can Try During a Date"
1. Brush the hair out of his face.
2. Rub your thigh up against his when seated next to each other.
3. Press your breasts against him while dancing.
4. Wipe some food off the corner of his mouth (unless it's gross - like a piece of chicken in his moustache)
5. Drop something into his pocket...

Thanks, Carmen. You're a real pal.


Aaron Stewart said...

Step #1

Don't look at that book cover, it's terrifying.

Anonymous said...

Does Carmen have tips on how to deal with bags under your eyes? I should have borrowed that book. Man, I look like Oprah if she were a Puerto Rican boy!


Anonymous said...

That Carmen woman scares me.

Ann said...

I'm especially intrigued by #5 tip-- dropping something into his pocket. Hmmm...the mind goes wild.

Angela said...

mmm'kay all, so i've looked at my "seductress" stance a few times now, and each time i do i am overjoyed at how it looks like i have a beard and a mustache in that picture. i think maybe that's not a good pose for me - unless i'm in russia where the boys like their girls with a five o'clock shadow. then i'd be a super star.