Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Nature of Being

#1. I have never read Faulkner. I bought "As I lay Dying" a couple of months ago and am about to begin rectifying that tonight.
#2. My journal is filling up mighty quick these days. Not really stuff I should be posting.
#3. It might be pictures of me and India for awhile here.
#4. I think black string bikinis are way sexy.
#5. I nap almost everyday.
#6. No matter how many times I look up the word "ontological" I always forget what it means. I find that very embarrassing.
#7. I do not have any warts.
#8. I'm getting a new tattoo.
#9. I don't know what country I will be living in next year. That feels more than problematic.
#10. I though the London Eye was boring.
#11. Whenever the clock shows repetitive numbers like 3:33 or 2:22 or 1:11 etc. I remind myself that God likes me.
#12. I used to fill out the prayer cards at church when I was a kid, asking the deacons to pray for "my sick uncle", my "friend who doesn't know if she believes in God anymore", my "summer at camp." It always felt like magic, dropping those cards in the offering plate, knowing that someone, I didn't know who, was reading what I wrote, and maybe caring, and maybe praying. Sometimes, this blog feels like a card in the offering plate.
#13. Thank you.


cecily said...

1. I'm not sure I could even tell you who Faulkner is

2. I need to journal more because as you say, the blog ain't a healthy place to process

3. I love pictures of you and India so please do

4. I wouldn't touch a black string bikini for the life of me, but that is probably because I was brought up to be a prude and I haven't quite shaken it yet

5. If I nap longer than 20 minutes I wake up cranky as anything... but I love the drifty, floaty, in between world of afternoon naps

6. Ha - you made me think and all I could think of was 'deontological' and I couldn't be bothered looking up either

7. I had a wart once, but I rubbed potato on it every day for two weeks and it died and fell off and I've never had one since. No really, it's true

8. I thought about getting a tattoo a few years back but I decided it was too permanent, so I just went the piercing thing a bit (secretly I want a nipple piercing but see #4)

9. Come to Australia!!! It's a great place to live. Problem solved. :-D

10. I love the London eye because I lived their and tried to find my house and all the little streets I used to walk down... but otherwise it might be boring I suppose...

11. I don't know that I've ever managed to look at the clock when it shows repetitive numbers - does that mean God doesn't like me?

12. OK, I care... I'm a bad pray-er though. Can you cope with that?

13. You're welcome

Yeah! sing it YEAH! said...

Hey- I feel kinda funny when I see the clock hit 7:37. When I was in junior high I saw it hit 7:37 3 or 4 times in one week. I almost would duck whenever I heard a plane go overhead...

Cecily- I have the same feeling about tatoos & piercing. I too had a slight inclination to a nipple ring until a friend got one - ouch... ok let me refrase that - double ouch. Can't do it- anything above the neck suits me fine now!

Ang- you know what napping does to me- "whah? who?? huh... what day is it?... I think I'm drunk..."

Wart free for 32 years *but* I am always paranoid so if I have a suspicious spot on my hand I tend to obsess. Potato huh? I always try those wierd home remedies so if I get a wart that is what I will do.

I love 50's bikinis. A'la Betty Page! Grrrr, did anyone see the movie about her? Gretchen Mole was in it. It was only ok.

ok gotta go to work. SIGH> it's ok I think I'll wear the black string bikini- but I'll have to shave my neck first... sweet caroline!

Amber said...

So glad you're posting again.

What and where - for the tatty?

I once heard it called "As I Die Reading," but I have a big fat heart for Faulkner and that book and the dialogue.

And, you posted Rilke the other day? I mean, seriously, I love you, and I love your #12. If you don't have pics, post more poems.

Angela said...

you make my heart happy. i'll take you praying or not.

neil d.
why the heck were you ever in school at 7:37? good glory/sweet caroline! that's early.
ahhhh, as an aside that you will not see and i will have to facebook you about: we should fringe it some night this week - that is, if you're back from your concert in new york on time.

there are huge chunks of "letters to a young poet" a-smoldering beside my bed. stay tuned. they'll make it up here eventually. or, maybe even pictures of me reading rilke. hold on to your hat. it's about to get a little crazy here.