Tuesday, December 16, 2008

India lost her first tooth. She wrote this:

Gums are a purse for a tooth.
It pops out
Just like money when you need it,
And then, another one grows.

But that one does not
Pop out of the purse -
It is a patch on the purse.
Zero money.

India Sophia Stewart


deanna said...

In my top ten for this (or any) year's poems! India's got the knack. :o) I like the last line best.

Cherie said...

Zero money!! What a little character you have there, Angela.

Hi India Sophia!! You made me smile today.

Angela said...

i love the zero money, too. she wanted to cut it after we read it over a few times, but i wouldn't let her. i'm bossy like that.

Michelle said...